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Theptfasummer17 Pingle Academy Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) regularly hold events for students and the local community to raise funds for the Academy.  Last year we raised £1850 which went back into supporting the learning of the students.

Please contact Mr Mark Hurst, Chair of the PTFA for more information: or come along to our next meeting!

See our Calendar for details of the next meeting.


Fact from Fiction:

“There’s nothing in it for me.”  – Studies show that there is a direct link between parental involvement and a child’s attainment.  Joining the PTFA is a quick and easy way to make friends, gain new skills and feel part of a community.

“I have younger children, so I can’t help.”  We understand that siblings need to be considered and we will be happy to see students and their siblings at all events and meetings.

“Everyone knows each other and I won’t fit in.” – We are open and friendly and proud of our school, we are sure you will enjoy the social aspect that the PTFA can bring.

“I’m not the sort of person to get involved.” – PTFAs are so diverse it’s hard to profile a typical member.  Some work full time, others are stay at home parents.  Some people can turn up to every meeting, others do meeting a year.  We will welcome your participation however small.

“Once I get involved, I won’t be able to leave.” – The satisfaction from volunteering can be addictive, be we understand that everyone has commitments.