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Information - Year 10 & 11

All students in year 10 have iPads and the majority of teachers are currently using the following learning platforms, in addition to Gmail and MILK accounts to set and receive work on a daily basis which will continue through this period of home learning.

  • Google Classroom
  • Showbie

Students in year 11 do not have iPads but checks have taken place to ensure that all students can access their Gmail and MILK accounts and throughout the period of home learning these will be used to communicate with students and set the required work. 

If any student is having problems accessing their Gmail or MILK account then please click this link to request for the password to be reset.

Students are advised to follow their school timetable during this enforced period of home learning to ensure that the appropriate amount of time is allocated to each subject area to complete the work that has been set. 

In year 11 most subject areas have completed the teaching content and are now beginning to work through revision content.  This will need to continue on an independent basis using all the resources available.

Which work should students complete?

  • Students should check their Gmail and MILK messages on a daily basis for messages and tasks sent from their class teacher
  • Class work will be sent via google classroom and or showbie and students are to complete the lesson task and send it back to the teacher for marking and feedback.
  • BTEC assignment work will have been set by the class teacher in advance of any school closure.  Students will receive messages on the teachers chosen platform to explain in greater detail the task which is required to be completed.
  • English, Mathematics and Science have provided a set of paper resources for most students to be completed as directed by their individual teachers.

Below are a series of resources that will help support both independent learning and GCSE exam revision:

Think U Know Home Activity Learning Packs