Uniform & Equipment

Uniform & Equipment

All Students:  Years 7-11pingle-pride-july-2017

Parents and carers are free to shop around for basic items of uniform, but please ensure they fit the criteria below, e.g. formal shirts with stiff, pointed collars.

Please note that our school uniform is now available from:


  1. Straight knee length plain black skirt or plain smart / formal / tailored black school trousers
    (no short stretchy skirts or skater skirts.  No studded trousers, no button flies, no casual chinos, no black jeans / denim or corduroy material, no jeggings / leggings, no tight fitting trousers which are tight around the ankle, no linen trousers and no external shiny fashion zips on skirts or trousers).
  2. White formal cotton / polyester shirt with stiff, pointed collar and buttons up to the neck (no puffed sleeves).  Polo shirts are not permitted.
  3. Plain black footwear, smart shoes preferred (no boots, no stripes, ticks or logos).
  4. School tie (compulsory).
  5. Black school blazer with embroidered school logo (compulsory).
  6. Black school v-neck jumper with embroidered logo (optional) may be worn under a blazer.  Black cardigans or plain jumpers are not acceptable.
  7. Socks must be plain black or plain white.


Jewellery:   a wristwatch and one plain ring may be worn.  If a child has pierced ears, only one plain stud may be worn in each earlobe (no coloured stones)No other piercing is allowed.  ALL jewellery (including earrings) must be removed for all PE lessons.

Make-up/Nailsno excessive make-up, no nail varnish, false or acrylic nails.

Apron: an apron for Technology lessons is provided by Technology Department.

Hairstyles: extreme cuts and colours are not permitted.

PE Kit:
Red Pingle polo shirt with school logo
Red Pingle outdoor top with school logo
Black shorts /cycling shorts or plain black tracksuit bottoms
White socks (indoor use)
Red hockey / football socks
Trainers and /or football / rugby boots
One piece swimsuit /swimming shorts / trunks and swimming hat

A towel is required for all PE lessons.

NB:  Please note that trainers/boots with blades or metal studs must not be worn on the artificial turf pitch because of increased risk of ankle and knee injury and damage to the playing surface.

Sixth Form: 
There is no uniform in Years 12 and 13, but extreme forms of dress are not permitted.