Student Possessions

Student Possessions

Lockers are cleaned and maintained by ILS (Independent Locker Solutions). To apply for a locker please contact ILS direct by telephone: 01582 488885, email: or apply online via their website:

Where it is necessary to bring large amounts of money into school, these must be deposited with a teacher for safe-keeping. In some subjects, students may need to contribute towards the cost of consumable items. Students are expected to provide their own equipment for everyday use. The school cannot accept liability for damage to students’ property at school, but sympathetic consideration will be given to students who have suffered from wilful negligence by another student. Loss or damage to property can be covered by an appropriate personal household insurance policy. A charge will be made for damage to school property caused by negligent behaviour by students.

Where possible, all clothing and belongings should be labelled with the child’s name. Tracing lost, unlabelled property is very difficult. A sturdy bag is necessary to carry books as all students are required to do homework. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss of private possessions, although enquiries will, if necessary, be carried out. It is the students’ responsibility to look after their possessions.

Students should not use mobile phones, earphones, ipods or MP3 players in lessons.  Mobile phones are only allowed to be used in the following areas:

  • outside
  • SA1, SA2, SA3
  • ARC, LSB, Student Support Centre
  • Main hall
  • Cafeteria

Teachers may also allow students to use their own mobiles for research in a lesson.  Any failure to comply will lead to the mobile phone being confiscated until the end of the day.