Homework System

  • A timetable showing homework for weeks A and B  will be on MILK.  Subjects which are studied more than 2 hours per week will have homework every week.  Other subjects will have it  every other week.
  • Homework is set to consolidate or develop work done in class, following schemes of work.
  • Students will be bringing their books home more regularly, so you will see an evaluation of their work and their responses to  marking.
  • Instructions and titles will be written in exercise books and a note made in organisers including the date for handing in.
  • Teachers will record homework on MILK in addition to the above.
  • The school will monitor the setting and completion of work, checking its quality and frequency to ensure consistency.
  • Tutors will monitor the use of organisers.  Students will have a homework checklist in their organiser.
  • Students will be expected to complete homework on time.
  • Parents/carers will be sent a text if a homework is missed so they can support to ensure it is completed.
  • If the homework is still not completed, an after school  homework catch-up session will be organised in the Library. Parents/carers will be informed of this by text.

Homework Timetable 2017-2018 

The homework timetable is as follows: 

Key Stage 3
English, Maths and Science
Week A:  Art, IT (was Computing), French and History
Week B:  Geography, Religion, Spanish and Technology

Key Stage 4
English, Maths and Science
Subjects in Blocks A, B, C and D
Week A:  Philosophy and Ethics for Year 10 and 11
Week B:  IT for Year 11
(7 subjects per week for Year 10 and 8 subjects per week for Year 11)

Key Stage 5
Students in Sixth Form should expect a homework load approximately equivalent to one hour for every hour spent on a subject in school.  The tasks will be more wide ranging, however, and submission deadlines more flexible.  Opportunities for private study exist during the school week for all students. Teachers should inform students in their classes when they will be setting homework as indicated by the homework timetable and students should write it down in the timetable section of their organisers.


Parents/carers should contact school if there are any issues relating to homework.