Academy Life

Academy Life

We believe a caring and respectful atmosphere, combined with organisation and the opportunities to take responsibility are needed in order for successful learning to take place.

Organisation is crucial to educational achievement; it is therefore vital that we tailor the school day to meet the needs of the students, take pride in our uniform and ensure students have the resources, curricular and extra curricular activities to succeed.

There is a wealth of opportunities for students to take positions of responsibility, whether as part of a council, a committee, as ambassadors or as prefects. Student feedback from these groups is a crucial element of school improvement.

Students have the opportunity to make a difference to key issues that motivate them; including charity fundraising, local community support, and sports leadership to improving learning in the classroom or leading the school’s anti bullying commitment.

Students, staff, parents and carers all need to work together to achieve success and safety. We pride ourselves on regular contact with home and ensure that parents and carers have the opportunity to provide us with feedback in order to drive forward learning and achievement.