Our Governance Structure
The Pingle Academy is an academy within a Multi-Academy Trust namely The de Ferrers Trust.
The de Ferrers Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and as such they are required to comply with charity law and company law.
The Trust is one legal entity with one set of Articles of Association that governs each academy within the Trust.  The Trust has a Master Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State and then each academy has a separate Supplementary Funding Agreement.
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The governance structure is divided into three layers: Trust, Board and Local Governing Body.

trustgovdiagramThe Trust
The Trust consists of five members who are very similar to shareholders in a normal company.  They are often considered as the custodians of the Trust and act as a ‘check and balance’ on the performance of the Multi-Academy Trust.  The members have the power to appoint or remove directors, amend the Articles of Association and, if necessary, wind up the Multi-Academy Trust.  To ensure robust accountability within our governance structure the Trust has a majority of independent members.
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The Board of Directors
The board of directors have strategic oversight and ultimate responsibility for all of the management decisions within the Multi-Academy Trust.  The board consists of at least 9 directors, 5 of whom are appointed by the members.  The directors are appointed purely on a skills basis.  The board’s key responsibilities are to ensure, through their governance structure and leadership team, that the Multi-Academy Trust is making proper and effective use of public funds and for the quality of provision.
The board of directors has established two sub-committees, namely The Audit and Risk Committee and The Policy Committee.  Each committee operates with its own set of Terms of Reference.
PDF links to all documents referred to are located at the bottom of this page.
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The Local Governing Body
The board of directors has made the decision to establish a Local Governing Body (LGB) at each academy within the Trust.  A Local Governing Body (LGB) has been established for The Pingle Academy.  The LGB carry out the Trust’s vision, policies and priorities.  They play a support & challenge role and will hold senior leaders to account for the academic performance and quality of care and provision for this academy.  They are responsible for making decisions by way of the powers delegated to it by the board of directors in accordance with the Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation.  Such decisions will include seeking value for money and ensuring that resources are applied appropriately at academy level.  They will also support the board in relation to the proper use of funds and delivering high quality education provision.
The Local Governing Body has established one sub-committee, namely The Pay Committee.  The Pay Committee operates with its own set of Terms of Reference. All documents referred to are located at the bottom of this page.


Meet our Local Governing Body

Ex-Officio Governor
The Principal of our Academy also sits on our Local Governing Body.  She is referred to as an ex-officio governor. This means that she will remain a Governor for as long as she is employed in her role as Principal.

Vivien Sharples
Attendance for 2015/16:
Committee Membership: None
Register of Interests: None
Bio:  I have been Principal since May 2013.  The Academy has seen many improvements.  I am passionate about meeting the needs of every student and ensuring that all students are the best that they can be. I am very proud of our inclusive community where we have Oxbridge entrants as well as students with severe learning difficulties and disabilities.

Board Appointed Governors
Governors who are Board Appointed are appointed by the board of directors.  Their term of office is 4 years.

David Baker – Chair of Governors
1 May 2017
Attendance for 2015/16: N/A
Committee Membership: None
Register of Interests: None
Bio:  After graduating from Sheffield University with a degree in maths and computer science I became a teacher at Anthony Gell School in Wirksworth.  I worked there for 32 years, the last 10 as Headteacher.  I now work as an independent education consultant and tutor at Nottingham University working with trainee teachers.  I am also involved in writing maths text books.  I have been a Governor at The Pingle School since September 2013 and became Chair in September 2016.

Clair Dyche
1 May 2017
Attendance for 2015/16: N/A
Committee Membership:  None
Register of Interests:  None
Bio:  As a parent of a student at The Pingle School I have a vested interest in ensuring the school offers an excellent learning environment for children.  As a university senior lecturer, I am educated, inquiring, methodical, organised and reliable.

Gary Thompson – Vice Chair
1 May 2017
Attendance for 2015/16: N/A
Committee Membership: None
Register of Interests: None
Bio:  I have work for Jaguar Land Rover for 30 years and currently have a daughter in Year 12, who started at The Pingle School in Year 7.  As a Parent Governor, my experience in working for Jaguar Land Rover helps me to bring to the Governing Body my knowledge from a business perspective.  Also fostering for the local authority for 10 years helps in the understanding of children in care.


Parent Governors
Parent Governors are elected by the parents/carers of the students who attend The Pingle Academy.  When a parent governor vacancy occurs, nominations are requested from all registered parents and carers and an election takes place.  Their term of office is four years.   2 x vacancies


Staff Governor
The Staff Governor is elected by the staff based at The de Ferrers Academy.  When a staff governor vacancy occurs, nominations are requested from all members of staff based at The de Ferrers Academy and an election takes place.  Their term of office is four years.

Mark Hurst
9 May 2017
Attendance for 2015/16: N/A
Committee Membership: None
Register of Interests: None
Bio:  I have been employed at the Academy for over 8 years and have lived in the Swadlincote area for most of my life. I am a great believer in the community and spend most of my spare time volunteering by supporting community groups and other projects. I am passionate about ensuring that the Academy is continually positioned to allow every student to reach his or her full potential. I am delighted to be able to be representative of my colleagues, both teaching and support staff, on the Governing body.


Co-Opted Governor
The Governors listed above may co-opt up to four further Governors to the Local Governing Body in order to bring a specific skill set that will add value to the academy, making the Governors even more efficient and effective in carrying out their duties.  Co-opted Governors have a term of office of four years.   4 x vacancies


Clerk to Governors
If you would like to contact or hear more about the work of the Local Governing Body please contact our Clerk, Fiona Harvey, by emailing:

Annual Report and Financial Statements

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Articles of Association
Audit and Risk Committee
LGB Terms of Reference
Master Funding Agreement
Pay Committee Terms of Reference
Policy Committee Terms of Reference
The de Ferrers Trust Scheme of Delegation
Supplementary Funding Agreement – AWAITING FROM DFE


If you wish to contact the Local Governing Body you can do so by emailing or by writing to the Clerk to the Local Governing Body, The Pingle Academy, Coronation Street, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 0QA.