Parental Portal

Parental Portal

We have now replaced the ‘FROG’ parental portal, with a new, easier to use and more informative portal called ‘MILK’.

You can now log on to a secure site for information on your child/children’s attendance, homework, timetable, information on academic progress towards their targets in subjects, and achievement/behaviour points.  Teachers can also send reminders and messages about school events and meetings.

This new parental portal system will work on your home computer, tablets and smartphones and is updated from the school records each evening. We hope that an app for parents will be developed over the next 12 months.

Students can access their ‘MILK’ account either via the internet or via an app on their tablet or smartphone.

  You may log in by clicking on the MILK icon

MILK Login Difficulties:
If you have lost your password or are having difficulties logging onto MILK there is a new option on the MILK login page to click namely “Forgotten your password?” You will need your registered email address and MILK username for this to function. Please follow the prompts.


The on-line booking system for Parent/Carer Evening appointments can be accessed using this link:


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Remote access for Staff:
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