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Admission Arrangements

Consultation letter for 2021-22, please see bottom of this page


The area served by the school includes part of Swadlincote and the villages of Church Gresley, Castle Gresley and Linton.  To find your normal area secondary school go to and enter your postcode.  A map is available on our CONTACT US tab.  Parents/Carers can choose the school which best meets their child’s needs.

Entry at Year 7

The number of planned admissions for the year commencing 1 September 2020 will be 227.

Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available, the criteria used by the Governors to allocate places are listed as follows in priority order:

  1. Individual children with an EHC plan of SEN naming The Pingle Academy.
  2. Children in public care (looked after children) and adopted children who were previously in care, or become subject to a child arrangement order or special guardianship order.
  3. Children living in the normal area served by the school at the time of application and admission who have a brother or sister attending The Pingle Academy at the time of application and admission.  Brother or sister includes a half-brother or half-sister, a legally adopted child who is regarded as a brother or a sister, a step-brother or step-sister who resides in the same family unit.
  4. Children living in the normal area served by the school. (This is defined as the child having settled full-time residence in a property which is the child’s only or main residence).
  5. Children of staff employed at The Pingle Academy for two or more years, or who meet a skills shortage.
  6. Other children whose parents have requested a place.

In the event of over-subscription of candidates meeting the requirement in any of the categories above and a tie-breaker being required to reach a decision, the Governors will use the distance from the centre of the school, as measured by the Local Authority’s Geographic Information System, in a straight line to the front door of the dwelling house, calculated to within two metres.

The Governors will not consider more than one application on behalf of the same child in a single academic year unless the Chair of Governors considers there is a significant change in the particular circumstances of that child.

The Governors may consider taking direct in-year approaches from parents to help reduce delays in finding a school place once term starts.  Prompt communication with the LA will ensure there is no delay in the application process.

The Pingle Academy is part of The de Ferrers Trust and is responsible for its own admissions.

If your child goes to a Derbyshire primary school, you will receive information through your child’s school about how to apply for a Year 7 place.  For assistance with applications and appeals please go to  Applications for the admission of students who live outside the county are considered on an equal basis.  Parents should apply to their home LA who will send the details to Derbyshire LA after the closing date for that Authority area.

Admissions to Years 7–11

If places become available in Year 7-11 because students leave, the same criteria are applied in the same order of priority to those who apply in Year 7.  The decision is determined by the child’s situation which prevails at the time the application is made.

It is sometimes possible to accommodate a small increase in the total number of students in Years 10 and 11 because of the smaller size of GCSE option groups.  In such cases, the Admissions Committee will have to consider the size of particular subject groups, so may only be able to offer a restricted choice of GCSE courses to those who apply.

Admissions to the Sixth Form

There are three secondary schools in the area, two 11–16 schools and The Pingle Academy, which is 11–18.  Students transfer from these or any other secondary schools to The Pingle Sixth Form.  These may include students transferring from nearby Staffordshire and Leicestershire Schools, if there is demand.

All candidates will have the opportunity to discuss the chosen course options with the Head of Sixth Form/member of the Leadership Team.

Entry requirements are as follows:

  1. Basic entry requirements for A Level and Advanced Vocational subjects are a minimum of 5x 9-4 grades at GCSE with a minimum Average Points Score of 4 (average grade 4).  Eg a grade 9 is worth 9 points, a grade 8 is worth 8 points, a grade 7 is worth 7 points etc.
  2. Students must also must meet the specific subject entry requirements.  
  3. Students who meet the entry requirement, but have not gained a grade 4 or better in English and/or Mathematics will be required to re-sit at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Highest priority in the case of over-subscription must be given to looked after children and previously looked after children who meet the entry criteria.
  5. Any academic entry requirement will be the same for both external and internal places.
  6. Students with SEND can be accommodated, if they meet the academic entry requirements.